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Agnes D'Astice

Real Estate Broker

Agnes brings a unique combination of academic and real-world experience to Moda Group that positions her perfectly for her role as the team’s listing and showing specialist. 
Before entering the world of real estate, Agnes earned a BA in marketing from St. Xavier University. She spent years in Chicago’s top fine dining establishments and as a spokesperson representing clients like PepsiCo, Hershey’s, KitchenAid, and ESPN at trade shows. A natural communicator, Agnes loves the listing process and the opportunity to support her clients during a pivotal moment in their lives. 
After a decade in the industry, Agnes has the experience to successfully guide our clients through the stressful process of staging and selling their homes. With a keen eye for detail and breadth of market experience, Agnes ensures that the preparations her clients make will garner the greatest return on investment for their sales. When she bought her first home, she had no idea what she was doing, and it felt like a soulless transaction. At Moda Group, Agnes is dedicated to making sure her clients never have the same experience!
Born in Krakow, Poland, Agnes has lived and worked in Chicago for more than 25 years and lives in Chicago's Ukrainian Village neighborhood with her husband, James, and their beautiful daughter, Stella. When she’s not flexing her marketing muscle, Agnes is an excellent guide for all things luxury travel and dining. Whether you’re looking for an alfresco dinner in Chicago or a great place to grab a glass of wine with a view of the Tuscan countryside, Agnes has got you covered.

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